Volume & Issue: Volume 20, Issue 1, March 2010 
Incidence of hoof affections in equine

Pages 19-29

M. M. Seif; A. M. Sedeek; M. Z. Fathy; G. A. Ragab

Impairment of female Oreochromis niloticus fecundity exposed to Butachlor herbicide

Pages 38-43

Manal A. A. Essa; M. S. Marzouk; Nashwa S. Elias; Maysa H. Shaker; Ghada M. A. Mohamed

Comparative immunological studies on some single and combined live attenuated vaccines in poultry

Pages 126-133

Hanan M. El-Zahed; Susan S. El-Mahdy; N. A. Sherif; Amal A. Sayed; Anhar Abdel Moety

Genomic identification of Pasteurella multocida isolated from turkey flock in Egypt early 2008

Pages 134-141

S.A. Nassif; Hanan M. Ibrahim; Zeinab M. Souror; Arwa H. Elnaggar; Hayam Farouk; A. B. Abd Elrazek; M. M. Yousef; Elham.A. Elebiary

Epidemiological studies on Listeriosis in sheep

Pages 141-148

E. E. Younis; A. A El-Sawalhy; Soumaya E. A.; M. A. A. El-Beskawy

Assessment of defined antigen cocktails for sero-diagnosis of tuberculosis

Pages 203-208

Y. A. Soliman; M. Abdel-Rahman; Afaf A. Khedr; E. N. Amin; M. A. Makharita

Efficacy of living attenuated Salmonella typhimurium vaccine in poultry

Pages 260-262

Hanan M. Ibrahim; Zeinab M. Souror; N.A. Sherif; M. M. Lotfy; Elham A. El Ebiary; M. A. Makharita

Trial for preparation and evaluation of combined vaccine against ND, IB and M. gallisepticum diseases in chickens

Pages 263-267

S. S. Salama; Eman A. Hasan; Hanan E. Mohammed; Eman S. Ahmed; Nadia Ebrahim; Susan S. El-Mahdy

Influence of water quality on fish productivity

Pages 313-318

M. A. El Bably; H. H. Emeash; Asmaa N. Mohamed; Nahla R.