Peer Review Process

Peer review is a critical factor in promoting the rigor and high quality of scientific research. The entire scientific community benefits when the peer-review process is timely, thorough, and balanced. The editors of JVMR greatly appreciate the tremendous collective contribution that reviewers make to our journal and the articles they publish.

JVMR uses double-blind review, which means that both the reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process. Before being sent to reviewers, manuscripts are pre-screened by the editorial office to check that they agree with the criteria for publishing in JVMR: accordance with the aims and scope of the journal, nature of the study, originality of the results, quantity and quality of data, general conclusions, and presentation of the work with a good quality of English language. If the paper does not fulfill these criteria, it may be rejected at this stage without review.

Manuscripts deemed suitable for review will be sent to a minimum of two experts chosen by the Editor in Chief, and possibly a statistical reviewer if necessary, to determine originality, scientific merit, and significance to the field. A reviewer invitation for JVMR is sent out by email. The invitation includes information about the title and abstract of the manuscript. After agreeing to review the paper, the reviewer has access to the entire manuscript. We encourage reviewers to contact the editorial office at any time if they require additional information or assistance.
Reviewers are asked to declare any competing interests they may have in reviewing a manuscript. Only papers of high quality and novelty and of general significance are accepted and published. If minor revisions are recommended by the reviewers, authors are expected to make the appropriate revisions within 10 days. For manuscripts requiring major revisions, the revised version must be uploaded within 20 days. Revised manuscripts may be reviewed a second time. Revised manuscripts that are received after the deadline will not be considered.

The journal aims for a first decision to be made within 5-7 weeks of receipt of the submission and the Editor-in-Chief makes the final decision on publication.

English language editing

English language editing will be done by expert/editors after receipt of article processing charge. However manuscript must be of good quality English at the time of submission, otherwise, it will be rejected at the initial stage. The English language editing will be done free of cost. We have taken this step to help the authors who do not bear the cost of English language editing.