Incidence of hoof affections in equine

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Department of Surgery, anesthesiology and radiology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Beni-Suef University


This study was conducted on 1178 lamed animals of equine species. Cases were classified according to the species, affected part of the foot, and nature of the affection. Hoof affections represented in about 722 animals with 61.3 % of total lame animals. The percentages of hoof affections were higher in forefeet than hind feet. The present study revealed that sandy cracks, toe- in and long toe were the predominant hoof wall affections. The corn was the highest sole affections followed by white line disease and the lowest percentages were flat foot and bruised sole. The highest affection percentage in frog was thrush followed by picked up nail and the lowest was in under run heel.


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