Influence of probiotic on serum biochemical profile, growth performance and immunostatus in broiler chickens

Document Type : Original Article


1 Animal Health Reaserch Institute

2 National Organization for drug Control and research


A total of 90 one-day-old male broiler chicks were fed on balanced ration for 15 days and then divided into 3 equal groups. Control group fed ration probiotic free, group 2 and 3 fed ration supplemented with probiotic at concentration levels 0.5 and 1.0g/kg ration respectively for 4 weeks.It was found that probiotic improve body weight gain and feed conversion ratio. Relative organs weights were not altered in groups of birds fed ration mixed with probiotic. Serum values of biochemical parameter (AST, ALT, ALP, total protein, A/G ratio, Ph) were not significantly changed in comparison to control group. Probiotic enhance the immune response of broiler chickens in a dose dependent relation as documented by increasing the serumNDHI antibody geometric mean titres to ND vaccine, phagocyte percentage and phagocytic index of peripheral blood monocyte of broiler chickens. We concluded that probiotic composed of 3 strains of bacteria (Pediococcus acidilactici, Pediococaoccus pentosaceus and Bacillus Amylolique- faciens) in addition to 2 strains of yeast( Pichia farinose and Dekera anomala ) enhance body weight gain, feed conversion, growth performance and Newcastle disease antibody titres in broiler chickens. Moreover, probiotic was safe as proved by serum biochemical profile and relative organ weight of male broiler chickens.


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