Volume & Issue: Volume 15, Issue 2, March 2005 
Development of the thyroid gland of New-Zealand white rabbit

Pages 1-8

S. M. Soliman; Tagreed M. Nabil; A. Z. El-Kerdawy; A. M. El-Bayomy

Clinicopathological studies on experimentally infected rabbits with bovine herpesvirus -1

Pages 25-33

Walaa M. Sayed; H. H. Kamel; Azza H. Abd-El-Rahman; K. A. El-Nesr; H. M. Madbouly; Amira H. Mohamed

Effect of gamma irradiation on beef quality

Pages 74-82

H. M. Mohamed; M. M. T. Emara; M. D. H. Farag; F. A. Elnawawi

Mycological investigations in beef and chicken luncheon

Pages 98-102

Fatma H. M. Ali; Refaat M. Farghaly; Hammad A. M.

Duodenal obstruction in donkeys (An experimental study)

Pages 158-165

M. M. Seif; S. A. Ahmad; G. H. Ragab; H. H. kamel; M. S. Aimen

Preparation of diagnostic lysate antigens for rapid evaluation of local entero-3 vaccine

Pages 184-189

A. A., EI-Kholy; Amal M. EI-Sawah; M. S., Wassel; S. M., Zeidan; A. M., Daoud

Preparation of diagnostic ELISA kits for detection of camelpox virus

Pages 227-231

E. A. Aboul Soud; Magda, M. Sayed; A. A. Badawi; M. M. Taha; Elham A. El-Ebiary; A. M. Daoud

Field Evaluation of the rough mutant Brucella abortus RB 51 vaccine in cattle

Pages 252-254

H. I. Hosein; M. N. El-Sheary; A. M. El-Sherif; K. M. S. Ibrahim