Hazard of some toxic biogenic amines and improvement the quality of some fish and fish products in alexandria city

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1 Food Hygiene dept., animal health research institute, Alexandria, Egypt

2 Home Economic Department., Faculty of Specific Education, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt


Twenty-five samples of canned fish (tuna and mackerel), frozen fish (mackerel and mazelli) as well as smoked fish (herring); five samples of each were randomly collected from different localities of Alexandria city. Collected samples were subjected to biogenic amine examination. Histamine and Tyramine were determined by HPLC. The highest average value (mg/100g) for histamine was 6.94 (canned tuna) and the lowest was 0.76 (Frozen Mazelli), the respective values for Tyramine were 1.63 (canned tuna) and 0.06 (frozen mazelli) mg/100g. For improvement the quality of raw fish (fresh sardine, 10 kg) during preparation the fresh sardine prior chilling or freezing was dipped into crude potato extract (as protease inhibitor) to reduce biogenic amines production. In order to test the effect of heat treatment on the concentration of the biogenic amines in fish (Frozen mackerel and sardine) were subjected to oven baking at 1506 C for 20 min. This showed high reduction in the percentage of biogenic amine production due to heat treatment. The public health significance of the biogenic amines as well as the suggested measures for improving the quality of produced products has been discussed 


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