Observations on Lumbar Myelography in Dogs Using Iotrolan as A Contrast Medium

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Surgery, Anesthesiology and Radiology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Suez Canal University, Egypt


Nine mongrel dogs of both sexes were used in this study to evaluate Iotrolan as a non-ionic water soluble contrast medium in lumbar myelography. Electrocardiograph
(ECG) tracing, heart, and respiratory rates were recorded before and after injection
of Iotrolan in anesthetized dogs. Once the contrast agent had been injected, right
lateral radiographs and ventrodorsal projections were taken to the lumbar region. Heart rate decreased significantly after injection of Iotrolan. There was no difference
in the ECG tracings. The mean respiratory rate did not change significantly at 5, 15,
and 30 min. after injection of Iotrolan. Mild seizures appeared in two dogs while
moderate seizures were observed in another dog. Myelography showed normal spinal cord in all dogs except two had displaced dura. The spread of Iotrolan in the
subarachnoid space was even, giving a good quality imaging. There was leakage of the contrast medium into the epidural spaces in three dogs.


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