Volume & Issue: Volume 22, Issue 1, March 2013 
Effect of some neurotransmitters on pituitary in bull-camel

Pages 64-70

S.S. Ibrahim; A. Aboul-Ela; E.A Mabrouk; T. El-Metenawy; Faten Abo-Aziza

Attenuation effect of UV on Haemonchus contortus Larvae in Experimentally Infected Goats

Pages 112-120

S. M. Aboelhadid; M. A. El-Askalany; W. M. Mousa; W. M. Arafa; D. Piedrifita

Sero-diagnosis of Bovine Tuberculosis by ELISA Using Bovine PPD and ST.CF

Pages 126-129

A. El-Sify; M. Nayel; S. Hazem; R. Tarabess; S. Akram; M. Allaam; H. Hassan; M. El Garhy

Studies on the Prevalence of Enterobacteriaceae in Chickens and Chicken eggs

Pages 136-144

M. M. Amer; A. H. M. Dahshan; Hala S. Hassan; Asmaa A. Mohamed