Two Dimensional and M-Mode Echocardiography in Normal Healthy Egyptian Zarabi Goats

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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Sadat City- Menoufia University, Egypt


Echocardiography and intra-cardiac dimensions have not previously been reported in adult egyptian zarabi goats despite its potential application for medical purpose. The chests of 11 adult male goats were examined at 3th - 6th intercostal space on both sides of the thorax using 2.6-6 MHz convex transducer. All chambers of the heart were clearly visualized in the parasternal long axis view from both sides. The both ventricles and ventricular outflow with appearance of the aortic root is best to visualize from the right side at 4th RICS (right inter costal space) and the transducer rotate bet 0°to30°caudally. Left ventricle with papillary muscle, chordea tendenea, mitral valve, aortic valve and pulmonary artery views were visualized at 4th RICS (right inter costals space) 2 cm above elbow and the transducer rotate at different angles bet 0°to90° perpendicularly on inter costals space. During systole and diastole, dimensions of the left ventricle were greater than those of right ventricle, whereas size of the ventricles was significantly greater during diastole than
systole (p>0.01). The dimensions of the interventricular septum, left and right ventricular free wall were greater in systole than diastole.


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