Volume & Issue: Volume 24, Issue 1, June 2017, Pages 1-162 
Efficacy of a novel foot pan in biosecurity protocols for control of salmonellae in poultry farms

Pages 28-40

Ehsan Y. Bashandy; Soad A. Nasef; Shimaa A.E. Nasr; May F. AbdElAty; Osama M. K. Zahran

Organochlorine pesticides residues in butter, olive oils and corn oils

Pages 48-60

Saadia H. El- shinawy; Arafa M. Soliman; Fayza A. Sdeek; Hazem M. Moustafa

Prevalence of brucellosis in buffaloes and its control measures

Pages 84-93

Mahmoud H. Abd-El Halim; Abeer A. E. Mohamed; Nadia A. Shalaby

Pathogenicity and immunosuppressive potential of an Egyptian field isolate (2015) of the chicken anemia virus (CAV) in chickens

Pages 103-113

Nassif S.A.; Anhar A. Abdel Latif; Nermeen M. Elsayed; Hayam Farouk; Ekram Salama; Ghada M. Elsadek