Efficacy of a novel foot pan in biosecurity protocols for control of salmonellae in poultry farms

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Animal, Poultry and Environment Hygiene, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University.

2 Reference Laboratory for Quality Control on Poultry Production, Animal health Research institute, Ministry of Agriculture, Dokki, Egypt.


This study aimed to replace liquid foot pan in the poultry farm, with a novel model
that is used more effectively in biosecurity program convenient with the workers
in Egyptian farms that avoid foot pan. This novel model dry foot pan, semiliquid
(wet) foot pan and floor mat that enabled the disinfectants to be worked for a
longer time. In the present study authors are looking for a durable footbath,
stable, fast, easily applied and log acting in the reduction of salmonellae. The
efficacy of powder disinfectant (calcium hypochlorite powder, Halamid, Staldren,
Virkon S and paraformaldehyde) were tested against salmonellae in a novel form
of foot pan dry, semi-liquid and floor mat models. The disinfectants were diluted
by calcium carbonate or sodium chloride powder in the dry form, surfactant in the
semiliquid form and use of the sponge as a mat in the third form. Daily
measurement of the active principle of the tested disinfectants and the log
reduction of the Salmonellae were done. The dry form and semi liquid form of the
Calcium hypochlorite was successfully effective for 10 days in dry form and 9 days
in semiliquid form. However, Halamid and Staldren were successfully effective in
dry form for 14 days and 17 days respectively, semiliquid form was worked for 21
day and 3 days and floor mat was effective for 21 days and 3 days respectively.
Paraformaldehyde powder was also effective for 6 days in the dry form, but in the
semiliquid form was effective for 10 days, floor mat was effective for 12 days. 5%
Virkon S could be effective for 3 days in the dry form and semi-liquid form but only
2 days in the floor mat form.


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