Study on the capability of a dual capripox vaccine in protection of cattle against LSD infection

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Department of Pox, Veterinary Serum and Vaccines Research Institute, Abbassia, Cairo, Egypt.


The experiment applied on four groups of calves, each of four calves. Three calves
from each group were vaccinated with one of the following attenuated vaccines:
Lumpy skin disease vaccine (LSD), Romanian sheep pox (RSP) vaccine, Held goat
pox (HGP) vaccine and dual (bivalent) vaccine of SPV and GPV. All vaccines were
evaluated by estimating the cellular immunity using lymphocyte blastogenesis
measured by XTT assay, and humeral immunity using serum neutralization and
ELISA tests of vaccinated calves. The NI coincided with the ELISA antibody results
and corroborated the results of cell mediated immunity which demonstrated the
capacity of LSD and dual vaccines to induce immune response higher than SP
vaccine and GP vaccines. In conclusion, the current study proved that the LSD and
dual vaccines were highly immunogenic than the RSP and HGP vaccines, and dual
vaccine could be safely used for vaccination of cattle against lumpy skin disease.


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