Volume & Issue: Volume 23, Issue 1, June 2016, Pages 1-124 
Decontamination of broiler carcasses` skin using medicinal herbal extracts

Pages 26-34

Fathy A. Khalafalla; Fatma H.M. Ali; Jehan M. Ouf; Ahmed M.M.A. Mosa

Effect of prenatal and postnatal environmental enrichment on laboratory rats' welfare

Pages 35-45

Asmaa K. Abdelghany; Naglaa M. Abdel-Azeem; Mostafa A. S.; Emeash H. H.

Characterization of E. coli and Salmonella spp. isolates associated with omphalitis in baby chicks

Pages 61-70

Azza A. EL-Sawah; AL Hussien M. Dahshan; Soad A. Nasef; El-Shaymaa El-Nahass; Nayel A. I.

Heavy metal residues in local and imported fish in Egypt

Pages 71-76

Fatma H.M. Ali; Nasser S. Abdel-Atty; Jehan M. M. ouf; Marwa A. S. Moustafa

Effects of high dietary energy, with high and normal protein levels, on broiler performance and production characteristics

Pages 94-108

Hassan M. Abdel-Hafeez; Elham S. E. Saleh; Samar S. Tawfeek; Ibrahim M. I. Youssef; Manal B. M. Hemida