Volume & Issue: Volume 27, Issue 1, June 2020 
Assessing of Heavy Metals in Serum of Barki Sheep in Rainfed Area at Matrouh Governorate

Pages 5-17

Marwa M. Morsy; Abd El-Rehim A. El-Ghannam; Sherif Y. Saleh; Mahmoud M. Arafa

Potential risk of some pathogens in table eggs

Pages 52-65

EL-Kholy, A.M.; Saadia H. EL-Shinawy; Hemmat Seliem; Mohamed M.A. Zeinhom

Characterization of Avian Influenza H9N2 and Newcastle Disease Virus Isolated from Vaccinated Chickens in Upper Egypt

Pages 90-108

Safaa A. A. Abdel-Latif; Asmaa Atef; Ahmed M. A. Abdel-Aleem; AL-Hussien M. Dahshan; Ahmed Ali