Some studies on Pasteurella species in sheep in Qena Governorate

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Animal Health Research Institute Qena , Regional Laboratory


This study was carried out on 168 sheep in a private farm at Qena province. 128 out of them were apparently healthy, 22 clinically diseased suffering from respiratory affections and 18 were died at three weeks intervals. Bacteriological examination of the samples revealed that 42 samples were positive for bacterial isolation; 6 from apparently healthy animals, 20 from clinically diseased animals and 16 from dead ones. Bacterial isolates could be identified biochemically as P. multocida and P. heamolytica. Pathogenicity tests for P. multocida isolates indicated that the isolates were pathogenic to laboratory animals. P. multocida was isolated in high percentage (15%) in comparing with P. haemolytica (10%).


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