Light and electron microscopy of Paranella diplodae N. SP. (Polyopisthocotylea;Microcotylidae; Monogenea ) from some Red Sea Teleost fishes in Egypt

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1 Hydrobiology Department, National Research Center, Egypt.

2 Zoonotic diseases Department, National Research Center, Egypt.


The present study deals with a monogenean parasite infecting, some marine fish through light and scan electron microscopy. It revealed that the percentage of infection was 48% (14 out of 50 fish), 28% (14 out of 50 fish), 22% (11 out of 50 fish) and 16% (8 out of 50 fish) in Diplodus noct, Gerres oyena, Lethrinus elongates and Siganus revulatus, respectively. The present work recorded Paranaella diplodae (Polyopisthocotylea; Microcotylidae; Monogenea) as a new species collected from the investigated fish gills. They are lanculate flukes, the haptor is not distinguished from the body proper approximately 1/3 of the whole body length. The surface topography of the parasite bears small pits and conspicuous transverse folds and richly supplied with papillae-like unicellate sensory ending. The opisthohaptor is typical of Microcotylidae. The clamp structure and the haptoral tegument are similar to the rest of the body


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