The efficacy of diclazuril (liquid formulation) in the prevention and control of coccidiosis in broiler chicken.

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1 Poultry. Diseases. Department., Faculty. of Veterinary. Medicine. Cairo University.

2 Pharmacology. Department Faculty. of Veterinary. Medicine. Cairo University.

3 El-Wadi Poultry. Co. Giza

4 Faculty. of Agriculture., Departement. of animal production., Sanaa University., Yemen.


This study was carried out to evaluate the efficacy of water soluble formulation of diclazuril (1%) in the prevention and control of mixed Eimeria infection in two experimental (semifield) trials and testing efficacy of this medicament in controlling of natural field case of mixed Eimeria infection. The experimental (semifield) trials carried out each on 150-day-old broiler chicks, as they were divided into 3 equal separate subgroups. Infected groups were orally received 1ml of an inoculum containing 50.000 sporulated oocysts of Eimeria tenella, E. acervulina and E. necatrix/ chick at 14 days of age. Diclazuril (1%) liquid at dose of 1 ml / 4 liter of drinking water for 2 successive days just after appearance of bloody dropping (at the 5th day post infection). Birds were given prophylactic diclazuril dose (1 ml / 8 liter) at the 7th day before the experimental inoculation. In both trials were oocyst count (shedding) in the dropping, dropping score, lesion score, body weight gain % and mortality rate were evaluated. Groups treated with diclazuril either in the prophylactic and curative studies gave significant and satisfactory improvement in the assessment criteria when compared with infected non medicated groups. A field trial was conducted 2 commercial broiler chicken farm consisted of 2 flocks aged 33 days; 6000 birds each. Flock (1) was kept as control positive infected non medicated group, whereas flock (2) was medicated with diclazuril (1%) at dose of 1 ml / 4 liter of the drinking water for 2 successive days. The results revealed more reduction in total oocyst count, lesion score and the mortality rate in the medicated than the infected non-treated group. The results proved that diclazuril (1%) liquid is effective in prevention and control of both experimental and field infection field circulating Eimeria species still sensitive to the drug.


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