Determination of the optimal inactivation time of FMD virus Type "A" using BEI inactivator during the outbreak 2006 in Egypt and its effect on the antigenicity of the virus

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Veterinary Serum and Vaccines Research Institute Abbassia, Cairo.Egypt.


FMD virus type A/1/ Egypt 2006 was inactivated with 0.1 M of BEI (Binary ethylene imine) formed by cyclization of 2- Bromoethyl-amine hydrobromide (BEA) in 0.2 N NaoH at 37oC with PH 8.0 for 24 hours. The virus was complete inactivated after 15 hours post inactivation. No residual virus particles were detected when inoculated in tissue culture. The inactivation rates are linear with a regular loss of titer ranged from 0.5- 1.0 log10 / hour. Control sample of virus at 37oC without BEI showed only a loss of 1.0 log from the original infectivity titer after 24 hours. The sample of virus which kept at -20oC, without BEI, showed loss 0.3 log10 from its original infectivity titer after 24 hours. There is no change in the complement fixing antigen before and after inactivation process with BEI inactivator and in the CFT 7 dilution of antigen was stable (fixed) pre and post inactivation of virus. Also it was found that the inactivation rate of BEI was higher than the inactivation with pure Ethylenimine (EI) and formalin.


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