Isolation and identification of bovine herpes virus -1 (BHV-1) from semen of foreign breeds bulls

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Virology Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Beni-Suef University, Beni-Suef 62511, Egypt.


Bovine herpes virus-1 (BHV-1) was isolated from bull semen by inoculation onto chorioallantoic membrane of specific pathogen free eggs. The isolated virus was identified by agar gel precipitation test, Dot ELISA, pock reduction and neutralization test, as well as by histopathology. The isolated virus was propagated on Madin Darby Bovine Kidney cells and identified by polymerase chain reaction. In sero-survey for BHV-1 antibodies on 1091 collected serum samples 188 sera showed clear precipitation lines by AGPT


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