Field study on control of chronic respiratory disease in vertically infected broiler chicks

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1 Poultry Diseases Department, Faculty of Vet. Med., Cairo University.

2 Poultry Diseases Department, National Research Center, Dokki. 3

3 Poultry Diseases Department, National Research Center, Dokki.

4 El-Watania Poultry Co. Giza, Egypt.


Our field studies had been carried out after in vitro antibiogram of E. coli to compare the effect of pulmotil (macroloide), enerofloxacin (fluoroquinolones) and doxycycline (tetracycline) in controlling mycoplasma and E. coli as a cause of CRD in broilers. The drugs were used in single or in combination. Two doses at the 3rd and 23rd day of age on performance of commercial broiler Ross derived from mycoplasma SPA-test positive breeders and E. coli positive isolation at the 1st day of age. The prevalence of marked air sac gross lesions in non treated control group indicated the development of CRD and severity of lesions increased with age. The used drugs played a role in controlling infection as treated groups showed milder lesions while more sever lesions were in doxycycline treated group. Protection against mortality was less in the treated pins than untreated ones. Cumulative culls % was low (1.1) in pen treated with enrofloxacin, (1.5) in pulmotil + enrofloxacin, (1.6) in doxycycline, and (1.7) in pulmotil + enrofloxacin; while pulmotil and control were the same (2.2%). Losses expressed as total mortality and culls % were the lowest in pulmotil + enrofloxacin and enrofloxacin (3.2 and 3.6), other treated pins showed the same values (4.2), while the highest was in non treated ones (5.8%). Average Body wt. in pulmotil + enrofloxacin, pulmotil, and enrofloxacin treated pens were higher (1934, 1924 and 1819 gm) than doxycycline (1802 gm), Pulmotil + Doxycycline (1705 gm) and non treated control (1708 gm). CFCR in pulmotil or enrofloxacin and in combination medicated pens were higher than other treatments and non medicated pen. Average day/ week/ gain in control non treated was equal to that of pulmotil or enrofloxacin (65g), slight lower value was in their combination (63g) followed by 58 g in doxycycline. The lowest ADG /w/g value was in pulmotil + doxycycline (52 g). Calculated EEF of treated and non medicated pens were higher than > 280. The medicated pens with either pulmotil or/ enrofloxacin and there compilation were superior (333, 313 and 330; respectively) and close to the farm stander (346). This study pointed out that E. coli, and Mycoplasma with life ND vaccine reduced broiler performance and the used drugs were of values in control such infections. The in vitro antibiotics sensitivity testing of E. coli is important to obtain good results and drug combinations must be carefully performed.


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