Detection of testosterone residues in farm fish tissue

Document Type : Original Article


Food Hygiene Department, Animal Health research Institute, Dokki, Giza


A total of one hundred samples of marketed fish farm; 25each of tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus), Mugil cephalus, Carp (Silver) and fry; were collected from different localities at Al- Behera and Kafr El-Shakh Provinces. The samples were examined for detection of testosterone hormone by Thin Layer chromatography (TLC) as well as it was quantitatively assayed by Radio-Immuno-Assay (RIA). The obtained result revealed that the testosterone residues were detected in flesh of farm fish of Tilapia (Oreochromis nilotocus) and Carp (Silver), each constituting 24% and 4 %; respectively but it could be failed to detect in each of Mugil cephalus and fry. The hormonal residues of testosterone was ranged from 3.25 to 34.9 ng/g with mean value 4.22±1.1 ng/g in positive samples of Tilapia, while only one sample of Carp showed 22.0 ng/g, Mugil cephalus and Fry showed no detectable level of hormonal residues. The public health significance of detectable levels was discussed as well as the recommendations to avoid health hazards from such fish were mentioned.


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