Studies on pathogenicity of Aeromonas species to native breed (Fayoumi) chickens

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Department of Poultry Diseases, Veterinary Research Division, National Research Center, Dokki, Giza


The pathogenic effect of representative local isolates of Aeromonas organisms was studied on 1٠0 native breed chickens. At 2 weeks of age, one hundred chicks were grouped into four equal groups (1-4); 25 birds each; after collection of fecal from all groups, examined and proved to be free from Aeromonas species. All groups were subcutaneously (s.c) inoculated with 0.5 ml containing 9×105 cfu /bird. Group 1 of chickens was infected by A. hydrophila; while group 2 was infected with A. caviae. The third group was infected with A. sobria; while, chicks of Group 4 were kept as non infected control. Results were showed mild clinical signs in some birds in the
form of alternative diarrhea. Post mortem lesions showed general congestion of all carcasses. In severely emaciated cases the lesions were confined to the intestine, which filled with watery fluid and distended with gas. Results of Aeromonas reisolation revealed that all collected weekly fecal swabs were positive. While, percentage of A. hydrophila and A. caviae was 100% out of all tested
organs, while isolation of A. sobria was 100%, 100% and 80% from liver, intestine and heart; respectively. Histopathological examination of infected chicken organs showing focal coaggulative necrosis in liver with mononuclear cells infiltration that varied in severity between groups as less severe in A. hydrophila (Gr.1) than A. caviae (Gr. 2), while A. sobria (Gr. 3) was markedly affected showing severe degenerated and dissociated hepatocytes. Intestinal changes were severe in group 3 than 2 while group 1 showing the mildest comparatively the changes was consist of necrosed mucosa, gland with leucocytic infiltration in lamina propria. Under the
condition of our study we can conclude that the used Aeromonas isolates from field diseased chickens were of mild pathogenicity to s.c. inoculated 12 days old Fayoumi chicks with long course affection.


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