The effect of topic application of Curcumin extract on the healing of skin burns in rat: A Preliminary study

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Faculty of Pharmacy Beni-Suef University, Beni-Suef, Egypt


In a preliminary work, the effect of curcumin extract in enhancement of wound healing inrats was evaluated. The animals were treated with extract from curcumin after inducing a deepsecond burn by exposure to hot brass ring. Microscopical examination of specimens taken from the site of burn revealed a slight difference between treated and untreated animals at various stages. At the site of burn, an external layer of coagulated fibrin was formed directly after heat exposure and remained to the third week. Clotted fibrin was admixed with parakeratotic necrotic epidermal layer, which lie above a layer of coagulative necrosis. This was bounded by a layer of infiltrating inflammatory cells (neutrophils and lymphocytes); blood vessels in the area appeared congested. The innermost layer consisted of granulation tissue formed of proliferating fibroblasts and fibrocytes. These changes did not differ much in treated animals, and there was no enhanced regeneration probably because scab formed prevented the contact to healthy skin tissue.


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