Trials for isolation of reticuloendotheliosis virus from commercial chicken flocks for using the isolates in the detection of extraneous virus contamination in live vaccines

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The Central Laboratory for Evaluation of Veterinary Biologics. Abbasia, Cairo, Egypt.


In an attempt to isolate reticuloendotheliosis virus (REV) from field cases, plasma of
commercial broiler chickens-suspect to have virus infection-were examined. Samples were inoculated in chicken embryo fibroblasts and after proper incubation infected cultures were assayed for REV-antigen by ELISA, immuno-peroxidase (IP) plaque assay, and PCR.Specificity of ELISA and IP was evaluated by comparing their results with that obtained by PCR. REV could be isolated and virus antigen was detected in cell cultures by all three techniques. Results showed that PCR and ELISA are more specific than IP in detection of REV-antigen. However, the sensitivity of ELISA was affected by the criterion used for determination of the cut-off point. Further studies are needed for full characterization of the isolated virus by using reference antiserum or strain specific primers for PCR.


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