Effect of some neurotransmitters on the testes and reproductive hormones in albino rats

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1 Deptartment of Physiology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Beni-Suef University

2 Deptartment of Animal Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, South Valley University

3 Department of Physiology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, South Valley University


The present study has been carried out to investigate the effect of three neurotransmitters (Glutamate, L-Arginine and GABA) on some aspects of the reproductive performance of mature male Albino rats. For this purpose, a total of 100 mature male Albino rats were used. Rats were divided into 4 comparable groups; the first consists of 10 rats, was left as control. The second was administered glutamate 10 mg/ kg, the third group was injected by L- Arginine 20 mg/ kg while the fourth was injected by GABA 1 mg / rat. The results showed that administration of glutamate was concomitant with increase in synthesis and release of pituitary LH causing increase in its serum level as well as decrease serum level of testosterone. On the other hand, prolonged L-Arginine administration led to remarkable elevation in both pituitary and serum LH and significant decrease of serum testosterone. While, GABA administration led to remarkable decrease in pituitary and serum LH with significant decrease in serum testosterone level.


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