Light and electron microscopic studies of the prostate gland of adult one humped camel (camelus dromedarius)

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Department of Cytology and Histology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Beni-Suef University


The present study aimed to clarify the light and electron microscopic structure of the prostate gland of mature (one-humped camels) during different seasons of the year. Glands of seventy-two mature healthy animals (5-7 years old) were collected from the Cairo slaughter house during one year, (6 samples each month) and prepared to be studied microscopically by the light and electron microscope. The prostate gland was found to be consisted of an external dorsal part dorsal to the neck of the bladder and an internal part situated in the submucosa of the prostatic urethra. During active season (winter and spring), the corpus prostate was enveloped by a thick fibromuscular capsule which sent septa, to divide the gland into lobules. The parenchyma formed of compound tubuloalveolar adenomeres. The alveoli and tubules were lined by high columnar cells and few basal ones. The acini appeared at different stages of secretory activity (synthesis, storage, secretion and exhaustion). Ultrastructurally, the acinar cells contained well developed rough endoplasmic reticulum (rER), numerous mitochondria and a variable number of secretory granules. The duct system began as central collecting sinuses lined by simple columnar secretory epithelium. The pars interna occurred in the submucosa of the prostatic urethra enveloped by a thick fibro-muscular band. The branched tubuloalveolar parenchyma contained adenomeres lined with simple cuboidal epithelium. During the inactive season (summer and autumn), the stroma showed a marked proliferation of the fibromuscular tissue on the expense of the parenchymatous tissue. The adenomeres became very small or even rudimentary with narrow lumina devoid of secretory materials. Marked reduction in the cytoplasmic organelles with a total absence of the secretory granules was also pronounced. 


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