Effect of parity on the peripartum hypocalcaemia In dairy cows under Egyptian conditions

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1 Animal production research institute Giza

2 Theriogenology department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Beni-Suif University


"> A total of 30 dairy cows were attended in veterinary practice investigations have
been done under Egyptian conditions, in Seds farm belong to animal production
research institute , from the reproductive perspective . the study divided the
animals according to parities to - one parity , two parity , three parity and more
than three parity .The study followed values of some biochemical parameters
glucose , calcium , phosphorus ,potassium, sodium ,cholesterol, triglyceride ,
albumin ,total protein and urea. showed that cows affected by hypocalcaemia The
most important notifeibal results in postpartum 1-7 days the calcium level of cows
with parity one calcium level were 7.06 gm /dl while in cows with parity two were
6.64 gm/dl, in cows with three parity 6.6 gm /dl and cows more than three parity
calcium level were 6.91 gm/dl. 14-21 days post partum .4 cows with parity one
calcium level were 7.46 gm /dl, first parity cows has along interval from calving to
estrus ,days open and number of services .cows with parity two has along period to
come in first estrus at 86 ±5.6 s days and long days open which were 106±4.7
days. But NO. of services were high in cows with more than three parity 1.9±0.16


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