Negative Impact of Metritis and Endometritis on Reproductive Performance in Dairy Cattle

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Department of Theriogenology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Beni Suef University


0px; "> The current study was conducted to investigate the incidence of metritis and endometritis in
dairy cows. Moreover, to determine the collective impact of metritis and endometritis in dairy
farms on reproductive performance and milk yield. A total number of 246 Holstein cows
divided into three groups was included in the current study.One of these groups as control
group and the second and the third groups were including those cows diagnosed with acute
postpartum metritis and chronic endometritis, respectively. The obtained results showed that
endometritis possessed severe negative effects on postpartum reproductive performance of the
studied cows compared to normal cows. Moreover, the impact of this disease was higher in
premiparous cows in comparison with com their pleuriparous herd-mates. Days to first estrus
tended (P=0.06) to be increased in premiparous cows suffering from endometritis (89.19±12.12
days) compared to normal cows (59.45±3.30 days) or those suffering from acute metritis
(65.37±4.92 days). While in pleuriparous cows, the negative effects of endometritis did not
show any tendency for prolonged days to first estrus, when compared to normal cows.
Endometritis had significantly (P<0.01) negative impacts on postpartum cyclicity in
premiparous cows (89.19±12.12 days), compared to 56.32±3.15 days in pleuriparous cows.
Endometritis, significantly negatively (P<0.05) impacted days to first AI in both premiparous
cows (105.63±12.95 days, compared to 65.97±2.63 days for normal cows and pleuriparous
cows (76.19±3.64 days). A nearly similar trend was observed for endometritis and metritis
regarding their potential negative impacts on number of inseminations per conception in both
premiparous and pleuriparous cows. Regarding to, days open, diseases like endometritis was
associated with significantly (P<0.01) higher days open in both premiparous and pleuriparous
cows. Meanwhile, advancing parity was associated with significantly (P<0.05) higher days
open for cows suffering from endometritis only.


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