Macroanatomic investigations on the course and distribution of the celiac artery in Hooded crow (Corvus cornix) with special reference to the arterial supply of the stomach

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Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt.


The aim of this study was to investigate the course and distribution of the celiac
artery in Hooded crows and to extend our knowledge on the captured crows.
Scarce information in the field of veterinary comparative anatomy and the
available literature on the celiac artery and its distribution is provided. So, the
present study tried to declare the confusion about the course and distribution
of the celiac artery in the Hooded crows. Therefore, 10 apparently healthy
Hooded crows of different ages and sexes were captured. The birds were
anaesthetized by IM injection of 0.5 cc of 2% xylazine HCL (3 mg/kg). Colored
gum milk latex (60%) was then injected through the descending aorta. Then,
specimens were subjected to fine dissection to demonstrate the origin, course
and distribution of the celiac artery. The celiac artery erupted laterally from the
right face of the descending aorta opposite to the distance between the 5th
and 6th vertebral rib, on a level with the junction of the esophagus and the
proventriculus. It proceeded ventrally and slight caudally, where it gave off the
esophageal artery after, 5 cm from its origin, the dorsal proventricular artery,
splinc arteries and at the middle of spleen then bifurcated into left and right
branches. The left branch of the celiac artery gave rise to right hepatic artery,
ventral proventricular artery, pyloric branches, ventral gastric artery and then
continued as the A. gastrica sinistra. The right branch of the celiac artery
released the caudal group of splenic arteries, A. gastrica dextra, then continued
as A. pancreaticoduodenalis.


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