Effect of Flushing with Energy or Protein Sources on the Reproductive Performance in Ossimi Ewes

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Animal Behaviour, Management and Development of Animal Wealth, Faulty of Veterinary Medicine, Minia University, Egypt


This study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of flushing with corn (energizing source) and soybean (protein source) on the reproductive performance in Ossimi ewes. Thirty ewes, two to four years old (39 ± 1.44 kg) and five rams, three to four years old (58.6 ± 4.75 kg) were enrolled in this study. The ewes were assigned into three groups (10 ewes per group). Ewes in group A received 500gm of corn grains, group B received 500gm of soybean, while group C served as a control (maintenance ration only). The ewes received the flushing ration for two weeks before and two weeks after mating. The results from this study demonstrated that group B had higher conception, lambing, and prolificacy rates (80%, 80%, and 125%) than group A (70%, 70%, and 114.28%) and group C (70%, 70%, and 100%) respectively. The difference was not significant. Also, the birth weight of lambs was the highest in group B (1.95 ± 0.03 kg) followed by group C (1.83 ± 0.05 kg) and group A (1.76 ± 0.11 kg), but the difference was not significant. In conclusion, the obtained data revealed that flushing of Ossimi ewes with soybean as a source of protein improved conception, lambing and prolificacy rates and birth weight of their lambs but was not different than flushing ewes with corn grains. 


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